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How To Style Denim Shorts for This Summer

A mainstay piece of clothing that is versatile and classic for wardrobe all along the summers? None other than denim shorts! They are a must-have for all the women who want to show off their pretty legs while being comfortable in beating the summer heat.


These summer shorts go well with every season and occasion, be it going to the beach or to the shopping mall, as shoppers prepare for summer. There are also more styling options than ever before. No matter what are your style preferences, there's something for everyone. There is no bar on colour options, designs, and trendy styles.


You can pair them in multiple ways. So, there is no need to do a cupboard overhaul. Add a pair or two of funky shorts, and mix & match with different kinds of tops. For instance, you can wear them for an upcoming road trip, pair them with a trendy jacket or crop top, or pair them with a fancy silk blouse and blazer.

This gives you a stunning street style look while keeping you all classic. Further, more summer outfits with shorts can make your summer game on point. For instance, you can go for a more comfortable look with tailored designs.

Adding shorts to formal occasions is another trending option. Put another way, you can still carry the shorts look to a formal event and look put-together because the key is how you style them.

Now, you can't limit your denim to just beachwear. This smart-casual staple can be styled in a variety of ways. Shorts not only keep you cool on hot days, but they can also be styled for the morning, noon, and night.


To explore more styling tips, continue reading further! Here are the top ten styles to style denim shorts this season:


Add a belt to your shorts

    Belts of all kinds can add bling and appeal to the overall look. Tuck your top in and add a bold belt to make a statement with your accessories. Popularly, belts of black and brown colour add many elements to the look. Besides, this fashion denim will give you that extra-polished look you crave, especially when trying to make a tailored pair of shorts work in a more formal setting.

    2. Denim shorts with off-shoulder tops

    Off shoulders are one of the best tops to wear with denim shorts. Summer and beach vacations call for distressed denim shorts look with off-shoulder tops, fancy chains, boho rings, matching clutches, and other accessories like shell pins. This look is one of the favourite outfits for many people and one of the most enjoyable casual summers looks.

    3. Go with layering options

      When it comes to styling your summer denim shorts, layering is crucial. Layer a knit vest over an embroidered puff-sleeve blouse for a retro and preppy look, and pair it with subtle tailored accessories. You can also add a jacket over a crochet crop top or go for long crochet tops. Add cowboy shoes, lovely ribbons, and bows to half-packed hair, or a pair of chunky combat boots to complete the look.

      4. Florals can be the pick of this season

        Your summer game might be incomplete without the floral legacy. A cool-toned floral shorts look enough to grab attention wherever you go! There are both cotton florals and denim florals. These denim shorts go with just about any tee, but try pairing them with a ruffled blouse and a crochet hat/bag for a more feminine look. Besides, you can also recreate your denim into floral denim by using fabric paints. That's what we call DIY denim! Sounds impressive, right?

        5. Add floral tops

          As already stated, the floral trend is here to stay for quite a long time; we can choose to add floral tops with plain denim. This is also one of the best denim shorts beach outfit. No matter how girly or not-girly vibes you have, a floral top is something that is found in almost every girl's wardrobe. Just like we taught you to create floral denim shorts, you can also make the DIY floral top if you don't have any or want a matching floral from the denim.

          6. Add a vintage vibe to your denim look

            When it comes to fashion denim, we know there is a lot to be considered. But how about creating a vintage look that is already trending so much. This is a straight celebrity-inspired shorts styling that can make the heads turn. Pair your denim shorts with vintage or vintage-inspired pieces to make them look more intentional than on-the-go. The best matches are heavy cotton weaves, knit cardigans, embroidered tops, and crochet items.

            Just add a hat to complete the look! Voyla!

            7. Ice-blue denim shorts

            When it comes to these shorts, they don't require a special mention, but they deserve so! The ice-blue and light blue tones have been there for a long time, and we are sure they will be in the fashion realm as long as the denim shorts are here. To style, shorts add a pop of colour or bling of accessories.

            To complete the look, team up with gladiators.

            8. Co-ord sets

              Co-ords have been into the leading street fashion for this year. For every style of clothing, there are co-ord sets. When it comes to summer denim shorts, co-ords are an excellent option for every occasion. The tie and dye co-ord sets have been the favourite pick of this season, while printed co-ord shorts sets have been another pick. Adding a good crossbody bag will add to the style statement and enhance the look multiple times.


              9. Don't skip the basics

                The primary way to style shorts is to pair them with white fairy and ruffle tops. These look best with shorts of all tones and styles.

                This statement look can be carried to beaches and parties alike. To add an added dimension to this look, add high-platform shoes.

                10. Go for matching pairs

                  If you're tired of the same dresses and contrasts, it is high time that you must try a matching pair of shorts and a button-down shirt. This will give you a distinct vibe while enhancing your denim shorts style game. It may reflect more of your style. Whether you prefer a subtle, neutral colour of shorts or go pairing a bright color for warmer days, it will make you stand out. This coordinating look couldn't be easier to put together but stands out. You may complete the look by accessorizing contrast jewellery or shoes.

                  Tip: always choose primary colours while experimenting with fashion denim for matching pairs.


                  Hopefully, your wardrobe will be more vibrant this summer and to the point with these styling basics. Summer shorts have multiple styling techniques with different looks. However, before settling on anything, make sure it suits you well. Also, look for the season's trends and what the stylists have to say.

                  Pairing denim shorts can sound easy, but even the most minor details like tucking the tops out can visually make a huge difference.


                  Make these fashion denim shorts the focal point of your everyday ensemble. Purchase a few neutral-colored patterns. So, you can wear them with a variety of long-sleeve blouses, cropped tops, and bodysuits. To take these denim look shorts to the next level, add in trendy details like a claw hair clip and retro-looking aviator sunglasses with colored lenses.


                  • What can I wear with denim shorts?

                  Denim shorts look the best with turtle neck tops and casual t shirts. And if you are looking to keep the ensemble in place as per the trends, then you can look for accessories like cross body bags and trending jewellery.


                  • Are denim shorts in Style 2022?

                  Yes, denim shorts are in style 2022. There are a lot of fashion bloggers and runway models who have set the style inspo with shorts in 2022.


                  • What shirts go well with denim shorts?

                  All types of shirts go well with denim shorts. But the checks shirts look best with denim shorts. In this season, denim shorts are popular with crop shirts.


                  • How do you style long denim shorts 2022?

                  Long shorts look great with bodysuits, high neck tops, and knotted tops. You can wear chunky heels and high-sole shoes along with designer bags to complete the look



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