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Trending Tops Inspired from the Influencers' Fashion Book

Modern women love dressing that is both stylish and comfortable. They also want outfits that must be low-maintenance, long-lasting, and adaptable. However, in the fashion realm, having different types of tops can be a blessing. Presumably, this is why there are so many styles of tops that complement the distinct personalities of women across all horizons. Women can dress up or down in these trendy tops and make a statement every time they put them on. Of course, you have a few favourite tops in your closet, but are they sufficient? Is it possible to have too many nice clothes? Certainly not! Women will never find enough clothing in their wardrobes. And when it comes to summer outfits for ladies, there is a lot of style addition every season, so keeping it in tandem with the fashion game, you must know about the types of tops for women that will be the trendsetter for the season 2022. With this collection of trendy tops for women, it's time to add more to your closet and be true to our inner fashionista!

If you have been hunting for the most updated list of top trending tops from the season, there you go:

1. Tank tops


Tank tops are sleeveless tops with racerbacks named after one-piece swimming suits from the 1920s. They are versatile, and depending on the design and fabric, they can be worn as sportswear or outerwear. When layered rightly with a shrug or jacket, tank tops are the best fashionable pick for the season. You can also accessorize these tops with long chains or hoops earrings.


2. Crop tops


If you are hunting for the perfect and most accessible casual summer outfit ideas, crop tops are the ideal pick for the summer season!

Crop tops are becoming increasingly popular in the fashion world. We all want to look stylish and cool, but we don't want to spend a lot of time planning the outfit. Crop tops have become much easier for women to style and with them one can look chic in seconds. Moreover, the crop top trend is soaring high and finding a home in every woman's wardrobe. This is due to their versatility of looking perfect for day outs and night parties alike.

In a nutshell, crop tops are one of those short tops for women that have become the pinnacle of fashionable clothing. But, please, hold on, lovely ladies! Before we get into the various ways to style a crop top, it's critical to choose the right crop top for your body type and comfort so that you can slay with ease!


3. Kaftan tops

This is surely one of the distinct types of top for women who have been there for a long time. Having a kaftan top in your wardrobe can keep you ready for multiple occasions without a doubt. Delivering the utmost comfort and style, kaftans have seen a significant rise in demand and popularity. Thanks to their lightweight, breathable fabrics, asymmetrical patterns, and delicate motifs.

Many fashion brands and labels debuted right on time as the kaftan trend was on.The kaftan is undoubtedly an eye-catching and versatile outfit that can be worn with pants, or with jeans, and even as a one-piece dress.


4. Peplum tops

Many of you must be having a peplum top in your wardrobe, as this top has caught a lot of attention since half a decade. Peplums are loved for their easy-breezy fit and versatility to be worn at traditional functions as well as parties.  No matter how many different types of tops you own, having a peplum top will complete the wardrobe! And when it comes to styling these tops, there are numerous ways.


Wear it with a pencil skirt. This is a great way to style the casual peplum you don't think you'll ever wear, primarily if you work in an office. Or, wear it for the beach with your beach-inspired brown sandals and a lovely crochet handbag. You can also get some round-framed sunglasses. Voyla, you are good to go!

5. Tunics

If you want to put together a stylish outfit, a tunic is the best option. Are you on the fence about purchasing one of those tunic tops you've had your eye on? You must go for it.


Dressing in tunic tops or dresses, whether for a casual or dinner date, will never let you down. When styled correctly, they can add balance to any ensemble. Simply pair tunic tops with slim-fit jeans, leggings, skirts, and similar pieces. But it should not be worn with flared or baggy pants. An elegant look can be achieved by wearing an intelligent belt along. Besides, you can also wear a tunic dress in a modern, trendy way that will make you feel stunning for the rest of the day.


The primary objective in the summers is staying cool in these extreme temperatures. Being comfortable in summer is all about what we wear and eat or drink. To be in the best-relaxed state, pick the best casual summer outfit ideas that give you easy-breezy comfort.

Make sure that you dress appropriately for the occasion you are heading to. Whether at work, at a friend's house, or on vacation, clothing should be the most comfortable one. Short tops for women are small pieces of clothing that add to your profile impeccably. If you wear it confidently and most stylishly, tops are one of the essentials. Besides, a top is always welcome in this scorching heat.

When it comes to styling your complete outfit, there are a lot of tops to consider. You might never feel restricted as you can wear crop tops with shorts, skirts, or even palazzos. Since they are available in various designs and materials, and they are less expensive than other options, the latest top designs for women will give you a wardrobe hit.

The bottom line

There is a wide augment of summer outfits for ladies, and you can pick based on your preference and style quotient. Some people prefer to wear light clothing in the summer, and kaftan tops are ideal. Women of all ages can wear these tops, and kaftan tops can be worn with jeans or palazzos. Similarly, there are many different designs of tank tops and crop tops in the market, so you can choose according to the look you want to create.


Also, accessorizing the tops in the right way can go a long way in creating the perfect look. The right accessories with different types of tops can complete any ensemble. For instance, wrap a women's belt around your waist if you're wearing a tunic with a lightweight cardigan to bring everything together and add another layer of dimension to your outfit. Many tops also have a distinctive neckline. Your outfit will be more symmetrical if you pair your tunic with a necklace of the appropriate length. This can be highly pleasing to the eye and flattering.


The bottom line is- that whatever you choose, make sure you have the right accessories and styling to keep up with the look.



1. Can you wear a skirt with a crop top?

Yes. A crop top styled with a maxi skirt is perfect for the beachy vibes. You may also pair a crop t-shirt with a short skirt to get the uber chic look in forever young style

2. What top do I wear with a skirt?

    You can wear the following types of tops with skirt:

    • Cropped shirt
    • Cropped Tshirt
    • Ruffled shirt with sleeves
    • Basic t-shirts
    • Off shoulder shirts
    • Cami tops



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