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The Denim Has Our Heart

Trends come and go, but if there’s something that has remained constant till this day, it is the denim. Denim has witnessed a plethora of fashions come, compete and collide, leaving it to reign alone, on the conquering side of the game. It is exactly this reason, why we’ve named this collection - #DareMe. It is the denim that inspires us to be daring every time a challenge comes up. It’s a collection of styles that would dress you up not just in style, but in confidence too; not just in fashion but fury too. Flexible enough to adapt itself to the changing environment and mould its appearance accordingly. At the same time, the denim is strong enough to stand the compelling demands of the rapidly evolving fashion world. Accented by the taste of millennial and hinted by a touch of modernity, MADAME Denim collection, called the #DareMe Denim, especially the denim trousers, is for you to slip in, style up and showcase! Explore how!


Flared Jeans

Rapidly being raved, the Flared jeans has taken the denim world by the storm. Fitted at the waist, slightly relaxed at the thighs and wide at the hem, these jeans fabulously flatter your lower body, adding definition to the curves. It is highly recommended for those who want to draw attention to their lower body. Looks good on all body types.


Boot Cut Jeans

The boot cut jeans has quite become the talk of the town. Fitted enough at the thighs it gradually widens up moving towards the hem. MADAME Boot Cut Denim is offered in multiple shades and styles. While the high-rise boot cut denim is what everyone is crushing on these days, even the mid-rise and low rise boot cut jeans are no less in the spotlight.


Skinny Fit Jeans

Hugging your body from the waist through the ankle, the skinny fit jeans has only seen highs in its life. With no lows, it has remained absolutely successful in occupying its share of space in everyone’s closet. When in doubt, wear a skinny fit jeans with ANY of your tops or tees, without a second thought. Team it up with a flattering stylish top and you’re good to go for an evening date.


Slim Fit Jeans

The slim fit jeans looks much like the skinny fit with the only difference being that it is slightly open at the ankle comparatively. It is the jeans that majority of us go for when sure, and even when not sure, for we know it will only make us look good. Feel free to team it up with any top and flaunt the look effortlessly.


Straight Fit Jeans

If there’s something called comfortably classy, it’s none other than the straight fit jeans. Available in slight variations with names such as mom jeans, boyfriend jeans etc., the straight fit jeans never misses to make you look stylish. Whether you style it with a fitted crop top or a loose fit flared top, be sure to seize the spotlight.



Ripped Jeans

Captivating enough to draw attention and sassy enough to keep that attention held, the ripped jeans has our heart. Light wash ripped jeans can be styled with a crop top for a chic look or a dark wash ripped jeans with a peplum top for that adorable flatter.


From the multitudes of styles, shades, and shapes, available on, you can choose the one that flatters your body the most elegantly, depending on your body shape and don it to make a style statement wherever you go.


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