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Tees and mask coordinated set – Stay Safe In Style in Madame AM to PM Coordinates!

Tees and mask coordinated set – Stay Safe In Style in Madame AM to PM Coordinates!

In this scenario of the pandemic, cases of Covid-19 in hot spots are expanding around the world. As a result, covering a face with the mask has become imperative, which becomes a new normal, and now a must wear accessory. Public health specialists are still disclosing new facts and symptoms of viral transmission. But rising data indicates that the coronavirus not only disperses by droplets (by sneezes, coughs, eating, speaking and shouting) but may also remain in the circulated air for a minimum of three hours. So how do you lessen the risk for a virus or disseminating infection with these droplets rolling in the air? So, masks with few precautions considered smart practices. Avoid visiting poorly ventilated indoor spaces with the persons you don’t know. If you have no other choice, you have to visit the place, must have social distancing, keep opening the windows, limit your visiting time, always keep your hands sanitise and most importantly don’t forget to put on the mask and wear it in the right way!

Matching masks with your favourite tees – a coordinated set

Here, when new normal entered the life of everyone, then follow it with full style and trend. Wear mask not only for safety but fashion also as it’s putting on has become a compulsion. Earlier we used to cover face irrespective of the fact it goes well with attires or not, but now it becomes a trend to wear of corresponding colours. You can get a coordinated set of masks and tees easily from “Madame fashions” online or visit the store of your respective location. 

Establishing a Fashionable new normal

Be it workouts, offices, or social carnivals and occasions; masks are going to be an integral part of our life. Comprehending this trend, top clothing brands of all over the world have launched masks in with fascinating patterns and prints to suit all events. If you are working from home, the comfortable T-shirt will not bother you, and you need not change your T-shirt post work while going out for evening walk because you are getting identical mask with your favourite and gorgeous tees. 

Just like matching shirts or tops and ties or scarfs, combining masks with the costume to build a trendy look is all set to be the new fashion. Nowadays smile on the faces is hidden behind the masks so the one you wear should reflect your style and personality. 

We are displaying our few of collection with a motivational slogan which forces you to flaunt.

Mustard t-shirt and mask matching combo

 Pair your gorgeous slogan print T-shirt with matching mask. “Don’t Panic” is a slogan written on a t-shirt and mask both. Mask keep you safe, and slogan motivates you to stay strong in current time.


Mint t-shirt and mask matching combo

The combo of this T-shirt and mask make you the centre of attraction among your group. This comfortable t-shirt with a mask having a unique mint colour, and slogan “look inward” is written on both pieces of stuff.


Black t-shirt and mask matching combo

If the mask is new normal, black is favourite forever for every woman. Most of the women run towards the black colour when they are confused between the shade or when they have a craving for shopping. We can not say every, but most of the women prefer black and get fascinated about it. Definitely, this combo of black t-shirt and mask attracts you to buy it. And the slogan written onto is delivering a perfect message to stay strong. The slogan is “Better Together”. If you are better together in these hard times, then you will definitely stay strong together. So, hurry to grab this black mask and t-shirt combo to flaunt.


There are a plethora of colour options like Pink and Navy blue with the slogan of such combo are available in the store of Madame, or you can visit

You can pair these t-shirts with any of your choice bottom like a denim skirt, jeans, palazzo, clutter etc. If safety comes first, then fashion and style are equally crucial, and you are getting a combo of both in one pack. So do not forget to wear a matching mask with this comfy and classy t-shirt.


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