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Staycation – Vacation at home!

Staycation – Vacation at home! 

This summer, staycation? Do you think apparel matters during a staycation? Of course, yes!! With the advent of “vacation season”, the climate gets warmer and warmer, and all of us tend to gear ourselves up for vacations. But this time ready for a staycation, we can establish an equally relaxing, cozy and pleasant stay at home!

Of course, we are grappled with Pandemic, however, Urge for Vacation is still there! Madame got you covered in our Autumn Staycation Styles.

Ladies, Madame offers you some tips in making your staycation a little more fun.

Many of us must be working from home, however, on weekends, your craving to travel is still there. Travelling Trips and recreational activities strike your mind time and again, now in such a situation Usually, Everyone conceives of what to wear? Isn’t it? A big Yes. Just make a plan for having a wholesome staycation. Don’t fret about the outfit, and we are here to connect your heart to your favourite Apparel, hand-picked pairings of staycation recreations and elegant dresses to star your weekend planning at home that will feel like a breakout. Most importantly, forget about work emails and calls, and let the staycation rock!

So here the staycation begin and few outfits which encompass the styles. 

Make a plan to travel your own Town or Adjacent Places

It may sound funny, but we are to make do with hanging out in our own town, and it can also recollect the identical nostalgia of the journey that you have already experienced in your best trip. Usually, Girls make plans and then, later on, get fickle-minded owing to apparels as to which outfit complement with particular attire and footwear, and carry the best outfit out there with friends. Now, while stepping out, you may carry comfortable outfits like Tees of your favourite colour and pair it with a matching mask, now you might be thinking of as from where you fetch the matching masks. Do not fuss, your preferred apparel stuff is conveniently available at “Madame”. That’s not it, pair denim with groovy tops along with elegant white shoes and step out to roam around your town, enjoy your travel by capturing your moments and scenery around you. If your home is close to the beach, or conserved nature and wildlife area, do your unique staycation activities which those areas allow and make your staycation full of fun.

Remake your Disposition with crafts during a staycation!

Spend your staycation safe by trying out unique and exciting activities, such as watching colour and painting class online or paint your own idea on a blank canvas. Most importantly, when you are trying crafts and digging innovative ideas, definitely you are going to enjoy your painting and crafts with prosperous as well as vogue outfit. So, get energized by the FLORAL DRESSES from Madame these are as glorious as watercolours and flowers which you are going to sketch on the canvas. At the end of the session, you will have a marvellous piece of creation you can adorn in your home. Drawing and painting are really helpful for creative people to freshen up their mind, and the best idea to decorate your home in this staycation.

Host your cooking nights and film Carnival!

As all movie theatres and halls are closed, so, staycation during summers are the best. Light Apparel with an assorted variety of colours is the best ever pair to make you feel more relaxed and prosperous the whole day. During cooking, While having dinner and while watching a movie at your home theatre, women always think of wearing a convenient dress and jumpsuits, which are livable as well as trendy. Invite your travel partner over your home to try out some exotic recipes and entertain yourselves with movies. If you are truly feeling innovative, twist it into a multi-cuisine, detailed with dessert, and decor. So, give rest to your body with comfy and cosy dresses at the time of the movie.

Regardless this staycation might not be the Weekend spent abroad. But this staycation will be originally planned and organized by you keeping aside all office workload. You can still celebrate some time away from society in relief at your own home while in style! So, choose your Apparel from Madame by visiting the store or online platform ( and stay stylish even on a staycation.


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