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Monsoon Fashion Tips for Women You Must Follow

The much-awaited monsoon season is finally here! As rain continues doing the pitter-patter almost every other day, the humidity has finally set down in the air. The muddy streets and the overall downpour of the monsoon season demand your fashion wardrobe to be changed. Rain-friendly attire, floral prints, and vibrant colours are going to rule the season. Were you thinking that dressing in the monsoon season implied taking a break from wearing fashionable clothes? Well, you are mistaken! When you choose the right fabric, the right outfit footwear, and the right outfitfootwear, you can ace your fashion game. Let us help you upgrade your monsoon fashion sense with the help of Glamly and its extensive collection of fashionable clothing and accessories.

How to Boost Your Monsoon Fashion Sense?

Monsoon season has only begun. The rain brings with it pleasant vibes, a beautiful aura, and a special euphoria. The golden rule for styling yourself in the monsoon season is understanding how you should layer the same. The best aspect of layering is that you can modify your overall outfit to complement the weather based on how cool, hot, or wet it will get. Get onboard the high-end sporty leisure trend with a pair of classic joggers for overall comfort and ease. Ideally, chinos and denim shorts work best towards preventing rain splatters and mud stains. You can also think of adding a dash of colour to the grey, monotonous days by sporting printed tees & shorts and vibrant chinos. Layer the overall look with a plain white t-shirt or shirt, washed-out denim shirt for achieving a highly relaxed vibe. Tanks and T-shirts are also a great way to appear stylish and include graphics to the wardrobe. You can ride the overall fashion wave with the nautica trend, ombre trees, sails, and rock printed anchors.

Fashion Trends to Embrace During the Monsoons

The long days of gloomy hours are back followed by a cool and gentle breeze. In simpler words, the rainy season is back. It implies that you need to revamp your fashion wardrobe. Indeed, you cannot continue with your summer staples as you have to ditch some of the basic ensembles to embrace the rainy season. There is no denying the fact that the new season brings new trends. Wondering how to give your wardrobe a spin with some style inspiration? Here are some of the latest monsoon fashion trends that will help you enjoy the season in ultimate fashion:

Choose the Right Fabric

When you are out in the rainy weather, it is difficult to avoid getting wet or drenched in a sudden downpour -quite common during the monsoons. Therefore, when you choose the right fabric for your entire day, it becomes easier to handle weather fluctuations easily. Fabrics like cotton, polyesters, and chiffons are quite comfortable. Moreover, they are light in design. Therefore, they end up getting dried easily during the wet season. You should avoid wearing silk and woolen fabrics as they will take longer to dry. At the same time, they get damaged will spoil upon getting wet. If you are in search for the right style tips during the monsoon season, you can check out the multiple fabric options for clothing at Glamly.

Include a Splash of Colors in Your Wardrobe

You might prefer shopping for subtle colors. However, when Glamly offers you access to a myriad of colour options for the best fashionable women’s business attire or every day-to-day looks, why settle for less? With the rainy season, you can bring out the best in your fashion sense by adding fun colours to your standard outfits. You can think of selecting outfits in colors like bright yellow, orange, fuchsia pink, and so more. If you do not prefer such colors, you can also opt for neon-colored accessories to complement your overall look. It is a great concept to match your otherwise basic look with fun & colorful accessories to stand out from the crowd.

Select the Right Footwear

Traveling around during wet days is a difficult affair. With all the mud splashes and water-filled potholes around, selecting the wrong footwear to tread on can be your worst decision. Unless you wish to spoil your favorite pair of sandals or shoes, you should avoid wearing footwear like heels or stilettos as you step out during the monsoons. At the same time, you should avoid wearing footwear made out of fabric options like velvet, suede, and leather. Instead, you can make the most of the monsoon season by bringing out your super comfy rubber footwear, crocs, jelly footwear, and splashy flip-flops. If you wish to ensure a bold statement throughout, you can opt for thigh-high PVC boots that have become quite a rage this season. You can shop for attractive footwear for all seasons and occasions at Glamly.

Keep Your Socks Handy

While it is recommended to avoid wearing closed footwear during the monsoon season, most of us do not enjoy the liberty of wearing casual footwear while at work. If you are taking along closed sandals or belly footwear to the office, ensure that you have put on a good pair of socks -especially waterproof variants. These will help in keeping your feet dry as well as safe from potential bacterial infection. You can shop for waterproof socks -usually thicker than the standard ones. These also feature moisture-locking and anti-bacterial features to enhance your experience of moving around when it is raining outside.

Choose the Suitable Attire

When you are looking for the perfect monsoon dressing style for females, choosing the right outfit or business woman dressing style is of utmost importance. For the best-ever experience and comfort, you can go for choosing dresses, skirts, or shorts featuring a shorter hem. Denim turns out to be a sturdy and all-occasion wear that serves to be your perfect companion for all seasons.


Make the most of the much-awaited monsoon season by choosing the right outfits to wear for the day. With Glamly, you can choose perfect women attire for all occasions.


How can we take care of our body during the monsoon season?

It is important to pay attention to cleanliness and hygiene to avoid common infections and diseases during the rainy season.

What are the five things you should do in monsoon season?

Be attentive of cleanliness and hygiene Wear comfortable clothes Keep an extra umbrella handy Wear waterproof socks Be hydrated

What should be avoided during monsoon?

To be comfortable throughout, you should avoid wearing tight-fitting clothes made of heavy fabric. Do’s and Don’ts for the monsoon season? Do keep your surroundings clean Do not wear tight clothes Do keep yourself hydrated Do not wear leather or velvet footwear


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