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10 Best College Outfits for Women in Rainy Season

College is one such place to flaunt your personal fashion sense in the best possible manner. Fashionable college wear becomes an indispensable part of the ultimate dressing sense for girls. With the help of Glamly -your ultimate destination to shop for trendy college outfits, we bring forth the best style tips for women for the monsoon season. With a myriad of options available in college outfits for girls, it becomes a difficult choice to decide on the best fit for a rainy day. How do you continue looking stylish and flawless even on a rainy day? The monsoon season calls for a wardrobe makeover. This is why we have come up with the best ideas for designer college outfits for girls during the rainy season.

Sprucing Up Your College Fashion During the Monsoons

Rains can be a troublesome affair if you have not planned out your college outfits properly. However, do not allow the rains to dampen the fashion diva inside you as college time offers access to the most experimental years of your life. Make the most of the monsoon season by sporting stylish outfits and interesting accessories. We have prepared a guide to help you make a style statement in your college as you step out in the rains.

1 Do Away with the Jeans

Keep your denims and jeans away during the rains to ensure maximum comfort. It is because once you get wet in your denims, it becomes almost impossible to dry out throughout the day. Moreover, it is even more difficult when you have to attend regular classes at the college. To enhance your overall comfort and convenience, it is recommended to avoid wearing jeans during the monsoons. You can choose super-comfy pants or chinos for your ultimate fashion wear. The best part is that Glamly offers access to an impressive collection of fashionable bottom wear to enhance your style quotient. Moreover, you are also provided with options of multiple colors, patterns, and designs to choose from. As you adorn interesting colors, it will also brighten up your mood instantly.

2 Season for Loose Dresses and Skirts

The monsoon season is the ultimate time to upgrade your fashion sense. As you do away with tight-fitting jeans, you can now select fashionable, loose-fitting dresses and skirts. They help in uplifting your mood for the season. At the same time, it will also maintain your overall cool amidst immense humidity in the surrounding. With Glamly, you have access to the best range of stylish dresses and skirts available in a plethora of colors, sizes, and design options. You can also shop from your favorite brands to stand out from the crowd in your college.

3 Say Hi to Rain-friendly Fabric

Fabrics that make you clumsy or uncomfortable should be avoided at all costs. Lightweight and breathable cottons, georgettes, and chiffons are a must-have during the monsoon season. You should avoid fabrics like velvet, denim, or leather for your outfits and accessories. During the rainy season, you need clothing that will dry up instantly -especially when you are headed for the college. Therefore, pick up your dresses, tops, or skirts in cool, breezy georgettes and chiffons to make way for comfortable clothing throughout the day.

4 Avoid Wear Sandals and Leather Shoes

In addition to your clothing, you need to pay attention to your footwear fashion as well. While it is imperative for your body to feel comfortable, it is equally important for your feet to feel light and breezy. Avoid wearing tight-fitting footwear -including leather shoes and stilettos that deliver discomfort and tightness throughout. As it is rainy outside, you should also avoid wearing sandals. It is because upon getting wet, it will become too uncomfortable to walk around wearing sandals. You should head to your college in jelly shoes, floaters, or clogs. Make sure that you are putting on footwear that is slip-resistant.

5 Opt for Minimal Makeup

The makeup during the rainy season should be waterproof and minimum. At the end of the day, you should not appear as if you have cried an ocean due to widespread mascara or kajal. A light shade of lipstick and a thin stroke of kajal should be fine to complement your fashion sense during the rainy season. It is recommended to be as natural as possible during this season.

6 Make Use of Transparent Sliders

If you are one of those girls who loves attending your college in glamorous stilettos or high heels, you should think twice before stepping out of the house. Give your heels some rest for the season and decide on wearing comfortable sliders or slip-ons. They offer a great grip during the rains. To top it all, they enhance your overall look instantly.

7 Choose Comfortable Bags

As it is raining outside, you would indeed not want to spoil your expensive leather handbag in the wet season. Therefore, it is recommended to select bags that are capable of bearing the challenges of the season. Go for a rain-proof tote bag or waterproof backpacks to make the most of your college fashion.

8 Choose Interesting Plastic Accessories

Metal jewelry can easily oxidize in rainwater. It will eventually lose its overall shine and luster. Moreover, shiny and heavy jewelry can also irritate your skin during the rainy season. You can think of opting for plastic or lightweight jewelry and other accessories to oomph your fashion sense throughout the monsoon season.

9 Choose Bright Colors

Monsoon, in itself, can turn out to be a gloomy season of the year. Therefore, to beat the dullness, you should attire in bright, lively colors. Also, avoid wearing whites as they can stain easily.

10 Put on Designer Scarves

Scarves can be your best friends during the wet season. In addition to uplifting any outfit, they can also be your savior when you get wet by any chance. You can choose designer stoles and scarves available in interesting colors, prints, and designs.


Monsoons are the time to celebrate the newness of life. If you are headed to college, make sure that you choose the best, rain-friendly outfits at Glamly to be at your fashionable best.


How should I dress for college in summer?
To be ultra-stylish in college, you can look for the latest style trends for women’s clothing at Glamly. Here, you can access the impressive collection of trendy, contemporary women’s clothing –perfect for your college wear.
What should you not wear to college?
It is important to follow a specific dress code while at college. Make sure that you avoid wearing clothing that is too casual –like pyjamas, lounge wear, or party wear.
What do female college students wear?
As a female student, you can wear anything –right from classic denims to stylish dresses, jumpsuits, and so more to your college.
How should I dress for college in 2022?
2022 is all about independent wearing. You should have the freedom to wear the clothes of your choice. To be stylish at all times, you can opt for designer clothing like dresses, denims, and cool outfits that are both fashionable and comfortable at the same time.


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