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Are you still wondering, how to shop?

Almost every country is facing the same circumstances and high risk during this pandemic owing to the alarming situation. Hence, in this scenario, people are conscious about taking precautions and making themselves safe. Which is good; everyone should follow the preventive measures in order to prevent themselves from COVID-19. If we talk about shopping, everyone is worrying about stepping out of their houses, thinking about shopping is just like a nightmare; nevertheless, clothing is one of the basic necessities. While offices and other working establishments are opening one by one, so, the need for the clothing is also arising. If you are buying this necessity of life, it’s crucial that apparels should be comfortable and must have lovely fabric. Women never lag in fashion and style, that’s why women prefer up to date and groovy clothes. But in this situation, the question arises “How would you buy”? Or what are the avenues of buying clothing stuff? Is it safe to shop from stores? Is it safe to try apparel in the trial room of stores? And most importantly is it safe to try clothes, because it is already tried by many customers already visited there!

Now, no need to fret, Madame is here and turned up to be a Byword for safety and precautions in need of this hour. Hence, Madame is launching Autumn winter 2020 styles and Fall floral! As of now, you must be protecting yourself by staying at home, few must be working from home, and few are studying from home, and we are here working on the ways of providing you safe shopping at our stores. Few ladies do not have time to shop owing to their work let it be household chores or Office work, so they can opt for an online platform for shopping and to keep themselves abreast of the updates, and to make your staycation hassle-free and protective.

Avenues of shopping during the pandemic situation? Is it safe?

Keep your style up to date; moreover, you can shop from anywhere anytime. You have two avenues to shop – 

  • Online shopping
  • By visiting Store or Traditional Shopping

Online shopping

As digitalization is increasing, online shopping, online payments, online marketing are in vogue these days. During the situation of pandemic (COVID -19), when all shops, malls and stores open up irregularly or on alternate days somewhere. Even a few people who are bothering to come out or keeping themselves quarantine for a long time, they should start online shopping. You can use your mobiles, laptops and desktop for online shopping, and you will receive your products or your order in a hassle-free manner.

Advantages of shopping online

  • You can order by sitting back at your homes.
  • You will get, so numerous options of outfits to choose are its colour choices and designs
  • You will get the chance to replace the product
  • Many coupon codes and discounts available online
  • You get your products at your doorsteps

Traditional/ Conventional Shopping or Visit stores

This is the only method where you can try out your outfit, and you come to know whether the colour and design of the dress suit you or not. Nowadays, everyone thinks that visiting stores is not safe, but you can visit Madame stores without any worry because Madame stores are properly sanitized by the staff on a daily basis, the hygiene is being watched out for, Staff members are adopting Covid-19 guidelines; hence there is no room for negligence as far as the safety of patrons is concerned. So, Never feel conscious when you are stepping in our store, it’s our responsibility to protect our customers. You can try your favourite outfit without any worry as staff of Madame is sanitizing all dresses, and apparels which are tried by someone else before. Nonetheless, the trial rooms are also sanitized when someone uses it. We here at Madame stores, keep in mind all safety measures and take all precautions for our patrons. All staff members wear mask and gloves, and at the entrance, customers are being provided with sanitizer.

Few safety measures are taken at Madame Store for your better and safe experience:

  • Temperature check and hand sanitization 
  • Wearing mask and hand gloves are mandatory for all staff members
  • Maintain social distancing
  • Regular sanitization of exposed area and safe trial rooms
  • Quarantine room for tried apparel
  • Regular steam ironing of apparels
  • Encourage cashless payments

So, you can visit Madame Stores for the safe experience because we give the topmost priority to the welfare of customers or you can see if you want to shop online. 


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