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Colour Alert! Lilac



With the sombre mood throughout the pandemic; Madame has sought to embrace you with a big warm caring hug by bringing in its Lilac Summer Collection. The Lilac colour in this new collection will help you ease into your journey to the ‘new normal’.

The summer of 2021 may hold a lot of adjustments, but the Lilac collection offered by Madame will help you get through all those big changes with the nurturement and energy that you are looking for.


The Lilac Summer Collection is perfect for the women who are confused between the romantic shades of pink and purple, or just want the best of both worlds. The new collection also shifts your focus from the usual pink and purple to the variety that pink and purple have to offer in softer muted tones.

Lilac is associated with the emotion of care and nurturement which also indicates ‘living in the moment’. It is a colour that makes you appear friendly, playful and therefore has a stronger focus on people, generally, by making you feel and seem more sociable and compassionate. The different shades of Lilac also encourage emotional expression by aiding in reduced aggression and anti-social behavior.

By wearing this colour, you feel an instant increase in energy and in turn, it encourages the playfulness that is hidden within you. In addition to the positive association that this colour brings to your mood, the beauty of Lilac is that it looks beautiful on all Indian skin tones and undertones!


The summer collection features Lilac prints in all shades of ‘Lilac’.

Lilac can be so many shades and with the collection of Madame, you will experience the choices that Lilac has to offer as a versatile colour. We are sure that you will find the Lilac collection that will not only compliment you but will make you miss Lilac in your closet!

Madame’s features collection is a lot to choose from, ranging from:

  1. Tops & Blouses;
  2. Dress- long/short;
  3. Denim/Trousers/Shorts; and
  4. Outerwear

Madame’s Lilac Sand Collection is perfect for a summer romance and gives you the freedom to choose the many pinks and purples that Lilac has to offer. The silhouette in the Lilac Summer Collection falls lightly. Madame will not force you to be super safe or muted but will help you be bouncier than before, without necessarily wearing bright colours.




Madame’s Lilac Sand Collection has tops that have been designed to complement both your work and/ or casual wardrobe. Further, all the tops embody summer prints by smartly incorporating Lilac.

The tops and blouse are not only unique but is  also perfect for those ‘summer feels’.

The Collection also integrates tops ranging from

  1. Basic full and half sleeves;
  2. Frills;
  3. Kimono;
  4. Raglan;
  5. Puffed; and
  6. cuffed sleeves.

Additionally, the tops and blouses that Madame has featured in the Lilac Sand Collection can be paired with any classic denim and you are ready to look timelessly fashionable without much effort.



The Lilac Sand Collection also features a beautiful collection of dresses, long and short, both to suit your mood and occasion, day or night.

These dresses, without any doubt, should form part of your everyday essential daily wear.

The style of the dress focusses on looking chic effortlessly but, at the same time, feels so comfortable and breathable, that you would choose it to fight that scorching heat.

The dresses featured in the collection range in the following styles:

  1. sheath;
  2. trapeze;
  3. shirt;
  4. apron; and
  5. These dresses, designed in this lively colour, screams smart casuals and timeless comfort, all at the same time.




The highlight of the summer collection is the lilac pants, which are chic formal and casual and the lilac pyjama, that will force you to lounge and leisure with style.

The lilac pants can be paired with the classic white and black to give it a formal yet classic look.


You would be surprised how easily this colour blends with any outfit and is so easy to pair. Invest in the modern options for your jacket collection with the Lilac Sand Collection.


The Lilac Sand Collection of Madame can be effortlessly paired with black, white, plum, mint, blue and or any graphic prints.

You would also be pleasantly surprised how different lilac becomes when paired with either black or white!

If you like to colour it up, lilac can be paired with most pastel colours and you are ready to go out without much thought!


So, grab the lilac collection to ‘carpe diem!’


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