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Do You Know Auspicious Colors According to Your Star Sign for Your Diwali Outfits?

 Looking for uniquely fashionable Diwali dress ideas? Diwali is all about dressing up in your best festive attire as you wish to stand out every year. By following the right Diwali dress up ideas, you can choose outfits that complement the essence of the festival while allowing you to be in your best festive spirits all the time. You can enhance the auspiciousness of the occasion by choosing specific colors that create a spark in your day-to-day look.

Diwali is undeniably one of the most sought-after festivals for Indians. People love dressing up traditionally for the event. We offer suggestions on the best colors you can pick for your classic Diwali outfits this year. As you plan out your Diwali dressing ideas almost a month before, it is imperative to pay attention to the right colors that will make you a fashion diva effortlessly. As Diwali is all about lighting up the surroundings, you can choose outfits, accessories, and footwear adding up to the overall glamor and bling to the festival.

How to Choose the Best Color to Wear on Diwali 2022?

There are several factors that determine the choice of colors for your Diwali outfits this year. While some people go by their personal choice, there are others who look into astrological signs to determine the best colors for their Diwali outfits. Most people and families prefer choosing colors depending on the suggestions of astrologers having stronger ties to color predictions and energies about the right positions of the stars -having a deeper influence on the individual.

If you believe in astrology, you can choose colors for Diwali outfits on the basis of suggestions by astrologers. Here is your zodiac-based guide:

  1. Red for Aries

    This zodiac sign boasts having fun with friends and family during the auspicious occasion of Diwali. The best color-based ideas for Diwali dresses for Aries people should be red. It is because it represents fire and auspiciousness at its best. You can wear outfits like designer pants, crop tops, sharara set, kurtis, and so more both during and after Diwali puja. It will help in bringing you blessings and good fortune.



Red also helps in bringing out your best qualities. During the Diwali celebration, the color will draw ample attention to you while boosting your overall confidence and rapidly cheering you up.


  1. Blue for Taurus

    Taurus is ruled by Venus. The best color for Taurus people to wear on Diwali is blue or light green. Additionally, you can also consider other auspicious colors like pink or saffron. Blue represents a neutral color that will bring out the best in every Diwali outfit. You can think of adorning a blue suit set and look gorgeous without being too fancy.



  1. Orange for Gemini

    If you are born under the zodiac sign of water-bearer, then you are ruled by mercury. You can enjoy celebrating Diwali by spending quality time with your family in your best attires.



if you are a Gemini, the best color to adorn this festive season is orange or saffron. This Diwali should be about wearing bright colors to complement your cheerful personality while adding to the festive glam.


  1. Green for Cancer

    Cancer is a water-controlled zodiac sign by the moon. As a Cancerian, you enjoy spending time with family and friends. The best colors to wear this Diwali for Cancerians is green. Crabs or Cancerians tend to be sentimental beings. Therefore, they seek colors as well as clothing that serve specific purposes.



Green is the symbol of nature. Therefore, Cancerians are nature-lovers. This color is the ideal choice for you to wear on this auspicious occasion if you wish to resonate with green peace. You can wear magnificent green outfit on this day.


  1. Brown for Leo

    People who are born under this zodiac sign are the fire signs ruled by the Sun. Chances are that you have already started making plans for your celebration. The best color to wear this Diwali based on the zodiac sign are brown, red, copper, and gold.


The sun sign should be dressed in a way that helps in making a statement -including classy, luxurious, and bold. Brown is the hue you could consider wearing this festive season.


  1. White for Virgo

    If you are a Virgo, you are the member of the earth sign background. For Virgos, the ruling planet is Mercury. You should avoid wearing the color red. For this zodiac sign, you can think of adorning white hues. Virgos like dressing up in a modest, refined, and stylish manner. As such, white is the ideal color for Virgos to pair up this Diwali. You can think of pairing up the white color with colorful accessories and footwear.


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  1. Yellow for Libra

    Venue rules the water signs -including the Libra sun sign. You would like to get along with everyone you meet. As you get to meet new people during the festival of Diwali, you can make the most of the yellow shade.


As far as clothing is concerned, the best color to wear this Diwali is yellow. This Diwali, the yellow shade will go along with both contemporary as well as traditional attire. As you wear this divine color, it will help in bringing you good fortune.


  1. Maroon for Scorpio

    People who are born under this zodiac sign are ruled by Mars. Scorpions can consider dressing up in different shades of maroon. We understand how much you love celebrating every festival with great zeal as Scorpions.



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As you wear maroon during the festival of Diwali, it will hopefully bring ample passion and energy. Along with maroon, green and pink shades are acceptable alternatives. This Diwali, you can be dressed in intense, bold, and rich shades as you put on a maroon suit or saree.


  1. Purple for Sagittarius

    The zodiac sign is ruled by Jupiter -a leading fire sign. We understand that adjusting to a new environment and culture will be your second nature. The stars will shine brightly for you this Diwali. Violet and purple shades are indeed relaxing and soothing colors for your zodiac sign.

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Sagittarius prefer a polished look featuring silhouettes while delivering classy fashion statements. The best Diwali outfit for Sagittarius people will be a purple suit or saree.


  1. Black for Capricorn

    The zodiac sign of Capricorn belongs to Earth while being ruled by Saturn. These individuals enjoy celebrations -especially Diwali. You can start your Diwali celebrations by appreciating the black shades of God Lord Saturn. You can think of wearing black hues to symbolize your classic zodiac sign.

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As you are celebrating Diwali, the best hue for your celebrations can be brown, grey, black, or dark blue colors.


  1. Grey for Aquarius

    It is an air zodiac ruled by Saturn. We understand that you might have to deal with a wide range of issues quite recently. You might wish to restart your life. Grey is an excellent choice of color if you wish to look stunning in your Diwali attire.


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  1. Pink for Pisces

    The zodiac sign of Pisces is ruled by the water sign. Due to this, they are always on the search for new ways to celebrate festivals while enjoying peace amongst loved ones. The best color to wear this Diwali will be vibrant hues.


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If you are searching for dress ideas for Diwali, you can choose dresses according to the colors of your zodiac signs.


  • What type of dress can be worn on Diwali?

You can wear a combination of both contemporary and traditional dresses on Diwali. You can simply remix the ethnic bottom wear with modern minimal topwear to look refreshing and fashionable.


  • How do you dress up for Diwali?

You can dress up stylishly for Diwali by choosing colors based on your zodiac sign. And accessorizing them with subtle jewellery. It will be a good idea to carry a jacket or cardigan matching with the outfit, to feel comfortable.


  • What are Diwali colors?

The festival is called the festival of lights, so people tend to choose bright colours. But the fashion today says that no matter what colour you choose, you must feel comfortable in that. 





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