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Keep Yourself in Office while working at home.

Isn't it interesting?


Getting ready to go to work every morning, Searching for the key or rushing to catch public transport are very rare chores now. Social distancing has now become the norm of life. Currently, for the sake of safety, everyone is working from home. Almost all offices and companies allow their employees to work from home. Isn't it strange? Now formal clothing turns into easy business casuals at home. If there are meetings or office conferences, everything is going on via Video calls.

The situation is currently forcing employees to dress smarter in video conferencing. If you want to look handsome while attending to officer chores, comfortable apparel is unavoidable. Just click on or visit the Camla store in your town to buy all these stuff, which actually helps you to make your work from home comfortable and convenient. Earlier, we used to ask a pervasive question to ourselves while going to the office that what to wear in the office? Now, this turns into what to wear at home while working for the office?


Formals with Casuals – Wondering, how?


While working from home, Formals with casuals are the new trend now. There are a few combinations of apparels and outfit. You can wear during working hours at your home office. These are the following :


During meetings and virtual office functions

In this digital era, and moreover while working from home, All meetings and conferences are being held from home. Employees get ready for meetings, and they sit in front of their laptops. Working from home with proper formals, really? Not at all, they often carry shorts, or casual bottom wears with their formal Shirt. In the digital world, they seem to be well organized, but the reality is that they wear a comfortable outfit in the guise of formals. Formal shirts and blazers never disappoint you in formal meetings, true, but the twist is with regard to casual pants.

  1. For a home office, Man can put on solid Shirt under the blazer.
  2. You can pair your favourite Shirt with Chinos; try it, Camla which is always there to style up.
  3. You can wear track pants with Shirt because most of the time in video conferencing only upper body is visible. Still, if you want to wear formal trousers, you will definitely find it easy and comfortable to buy from, Camla men.
  4. You can carry t-shirt with a blazer that comes under a proper business casual. Don't worry, these comfortable blazers and T-shirts are never out of stock.


Apparels you should avoid while on video conferencing 

But try it on other days while working from home

As earlier said, you should ever ready for your video conferencing. So, a few fashions you should not follow while serving from home but yes you can definitely wear on the days when no video conferencing or meeting is there. These are the following:

  • Pyjamas or nightwear
  • Printed or Hawaiian shirts
  • Gym wear or boxers
  • Swim shorts or dresses

It goes without saying that everyone needs the comfortability, but the balance between working and comfy is mandatory. These work from home apparels will keep you mentally focused and fresh. Moreover helps you to energize for tackling the spread sheet and lots of emails. It is a new norm to work from home and carry formals with casual. At home, you are your own master. You can enjoy your jeans and shorts, beyond the screen of your laptop. And if you are new to this norm then choosing appropriate remotely working clothes can be unique. If your outfit were relaxed, your mind would be composed and agile. So just enjoy the new normal and keep social distancing while working distantly, attending to meetings and gathering on video calls.


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