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What To Wear with Long Skirts? 10 Maxi Skirt Outfit Ideas for Summers

From becoming a fashion trend to now an essential wardrobe staple, maxi skirts have come a long way. Every season, we see a lot about different new kinds of maxi styles. But, one question is persistent: How to style these cute skirt outfits? Well, there are many resources on the internet, one can never have enough skirts. But it is still essential to go by the trends and update with the latest ideas.

Styling a maxi dress is no joke. But this fear of going wrong should not stop you from exploring the fashion spell that maxi dresses give to your look. One thing is sure: maxi skirts are the centre of attention in any summer ensemble. These skirt outfits will never go out of style and look elegant in any season. A long skirt is a good idea, regardless of where you're going, unless you're planning on wearing summer work outfits. Aside from that, all you have to do is accessorize a long summer skirt correctly, and you'll be sure to make a good impression. This season, we have plenty of style information for you.

1. Pair up with jackets

This is an old-school style for wearing long skirts, but this is probably the one that is presumed to be here for a longer time. Jackets have always been a trend. Notably, denim jackets have been an absolute favorite of women for so long. This adds a distinct class and funk to the overall look. Denim jackets are durable, comfortable, and never go out of style. If you are looking for ideas about how to wear long skirts, this will be the first inspiration!

They are appropriate for any season of the year and flatter a wide range of women, regardless of their body size and shape. Besides, they are readily available. Probably, you might already have a lot of them.

Even though blue and black are the most common colors for a denim jacket, you don't have to stick to them. Denim jackets come in various colours, including white and other hues. Just pick the one that looks coordinated with your maxi.


2. Go for a crop top

Pairing a crop top with a long skirt is a never-failing idea. Crop tops are one of the best tops to wear with long skirts. Crop tops are available in several varieties and designs. So, if you have a high-rise skirt, you can choose the top accordingly, or if you have a low–waist skirt, you can add a dimension by pairing it with fairy crop tops.


3. Style with a cardigan

Cardigans are very old in the fashion realm and have undergone much evolution. If you are styling a long skirt outfit in the fall, there is nothing better and handier than a cardigan. A cardigan can be worn with a maxi skirt in various ways.

A cardigan, like a sweater, is a garment that will keep you warm. When spring follows, a lighter cardigan can be worn through the summer. With the maxi skirt, you could wear a long cardigan or a shorter one and tuck it into your maxi skirt for an overall chic look.

4. Coats and blazers

Coats and blazers never fail to enhance a personality. Although it might not be an as handy idea as the toppers and shirts, it is a bit playful. Right now, there are a lot of options in coats. From the functionality point of view, these are the ideal pick for summer. Also, this is one of the best (probably the best) ideas when it comes to winter styling. While going for a long skirt with a shirt outfit, you can always consider a coat and complete the look with a pair of boots.

5. Turtlenecks

Turtlenecks are a wardrobe staple that almost all ladies have. If the weather is freezing, you can opt for a knit turtleneck or layer other outerwear pieces over your turtleneck to keep warm. While in the sunny months, you can wear warm tones of a turtle neck, with some floral maxis. This long skirt combination has been a runway hit for many years. And still, this is trending!


6. Knit tops

 Knitted tops are yet another adorable tops to wear with long skirts. Knit tops add a classy look to the overall appearance. Since these tops are very close to the body, they are ideal for lean figures. A flowy skirt is a perfect pick for knitted tops. Besides this, knit tops are always warm and cosy. They come in various styles and look great with a maxi skirt for a transitional look. Pick the stylish pieces from different designs and colours available in knit tops.

7. Shirts with long skirts

Let's break the barrier and admit that women love to pair shirts far more than men. Although there is no gender bias with the outfit, this is the ideal truth. A long skirt with a shirt outfit makes you appear more contemporary and classic. If you add a broad belt to the overall ensemble, nobody can stop you from rocking your style statement.

8. Skirts and plain shirt

This is one of the essential style inspirations for skirts, yet the classic. No matter what kind of skirt you're putting on, a plain t-shirt will always work well with it. Just add a contrasting colour to it and a pair of matching accessories. Here you get the best t-shirt and long skirt outfit idea.

This is also a great idea on the days when you can't find any suitable tops to wear with long skirts.

9. Maxis and tank tops

Many women are crazy about tank tops for one reason, and that is comfort. If you are hunting for the easiest way how to wear long skirts, then this is it. The best part is that you can easily find them in your wardrobe in multiple colours. Because they are minimalist, they work well in warmer weather and look great with maxi skirts. They make your maxi skirts stand out in the best possible way. When it's a bit cooler outside, tanks can be worn under outerwear.

10. Off-shoulder tops

A maxi skirt looks fantastic with an off-shoulder top. This makes one of the most cute skirt outfits. The off-shoulder neckline is one of the most flattering necklines for women of all shapes and sizes. Off-shoulder tops are the best to pair with flared maxis on the summer days. If you are going for a printed maxi, then a plain off-shoulder top would work well. Besides, if you are going for a lining maxi, an off-shoulder top with abstract prints will make you stand out.

With this, we conclude the tips on maxi styling.


A final thought on your maxi styling

maxi skirts come in so many different styles, you're sure to find one that suits you. Maxi skirts have become one of the most popular and sought-after pieces of clothing this season, as it calls for a lot of comfortable outfit ideas. They're adaptable, simple to style, and highly comfortable.

Long skirt outfits, also known as maxi-skirts, are super chic and flattering and can be worn for almost any occasion depending on the designs, details, and styles. They're great for daytime wear when paired with basic and neutral pieces and night-time wear when paired with more sophisticated and elegant accessories and blouses.


  • How do you style a long skirt in the summer?

A long skirt is a good idea, regardless of where you're going, unless you're planning on wearing summer work outfits. To style a long skirt, all you have to do is accessorize a long summer skirt correctly, and you'll be sure to make a good impression.

  • What tops to wear with long skirts?

Crop tops are a good idea, if you have the perfect beach body. If you don't want to show too much skin, then flairy tops are a good option. And if you want to go for basic looks, then plain t-shirts, and printed t-shirts are the best picks.

  • Are long skirts good for summer?

Long skirt dresses are good for summer as they are really comfortable and easy to carry during the summer. The cotton long skirts keep you cool and easy too.



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