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Trendy and Best Indo-Western Navratri Outfit Ideas for A Minimalist Wardrobe

 Trendy and Best Indo-Western Navratri Outfit Ideas for A Minimalist Wardrobe  

The season of festivals is right upon us. The Navratri season is the season of galore, dance, and everything fun-filled all around us. In addition to the grandeur of the festival, women get excited about the choice of outfits during the festivities as well. There is no denying the fact that Navratri is all about putting on vibrant, rich colors and the latest fashion trends to make yourself stand out. 

During the festivals, women bring out the best in fashion -including traditional and contemporary wear, for the perfect day-to-day look. The latest fashion buzz is about pairing ethnic with western outfits this Navratri. Therefore, classic Indo-western Navratri outfits are creating quite a rage in the fashion world. For the best outcomes, you can search for Navratri outfits online that help you blend the essence of traditional wear with contemporary fashion seamlessly. 

 Best Indo-western Navratri Outfit Ideas  

“If everyone is wearing it, I do not want it” is the fashion motto of women out there. Fashion divas take immense pride in putting on something unique and entirely customized. To be truly exclusive and novel, you can think of mixing your wardrobe and creating something new and stylish from what you might already have. We can help you with some of the creative looks you can pull up Navratri 2022. 

Do away with the old Chanya-Choli -craze your look up a little! If you are someone who is interested in taking part in the festivities and customs, you can search for the best Navratri outfits in the Indo-western style to accentuate your fashion quotient.  

Women nowadays are highly indulgent with the Indo-fusion craze -representing a classic blend of Indian and western culture. Stylish Indo-western outfits impart a smart and elegant appeal to your overall personality. Additionally, the fusion opens scope for endless possibilities by combining and experimenting with different outfit styles.  

Here are some top ideas for your classic Navratri look: 

 #Sharara and Crop Top  

Indo-western outfits have become quintessential for Navratri 2022 and beyond. Pair a stylish halter or turtle neck crop top with a beautiful, elegant sharara for a refined and chic look. Dupatta is optional for your Navratri fashion. 

If you feel like adding a dupatta to this Indo-western Navratri look, you can think of draping it like a saree to add the oomph factor. You can complete the overall look by adorning silver box heels and tassel danglers. You can buy women tops online -including crop tops, separately if you wish to offer a contrasting touch to your entire look. 


 #Kurta & long Skirt  

This is perhaps one of the oldest and the most admired fashion fusions -especially for the festive season. This fashion classic -including a glamorous skirt and an ethnic kurta, serves to be an effortless mix for your Navratri fashion this year and every year. 

While putting up this timeless look, it is imperative for you to pay attention to aligning yourself with appropriate fabric and trending color combinations. You can choose an A-line multi-colored structured kurta with a designer skirt to complete the look. 

 #Cape & Sharara  

Give yourself a modish touch this Navratri by blending a cape with a sharara set. The classic festive aesthetics bring in a lot of confidence and thrill as you go ahead with indulging yourself in the festivities all around. 

The ultimate silhouette is a highly adorned party trend for Navratri nights or even garba nights. You can search for garba outfits online that blend the essence of both ethnic and contemporary fashion. From Bollywood celebs to influencers, everyone is going crazy about this stylish Indo-western blend. As celebrations start taking place in your home, you can enhance the traditional touch by wearing a complete set with unmatched Indian craftsmanship. 

 #Velvet Kurta and Pants  

It is an important Indo-western style segment that will dazzle up your garba nights -especially when you are searching for something hassle-free and rich at the same time. One of the trending creations, an embroidered velvet kurta can be paired with basic pants to balance the look. 

You can buy the designer velvet kurta in rich fall colors and beautiful floral prints for your perfect Navratri outfit. As your kurta exudes sophistication and richness throughout, you can balance out the look by pairing it with standard pants that complement the entire ensemble. The silhouette will deliver ample jazz as well as sparkle. Therefore, there is no need to over-accessorize the look. 

 #Tunic and Pants  

The stylish tunic and pants set this Navratri will appear bold and stunning at the same time. It has got the right amount of flare, sophistication, and minimalism that is a must-have during the festive season. A fashionable tunic pant set is all you need to make the festive season special as well as comfortable throughout. If you are not into a completely traditional look, the basic tunic pant set will help you start a new meaning to the celebrations in your own way. 

 #Kaftan and Pants  

Kaftans are highly loved pieces since they have made a comeback into the world of modern fashion. There can be nothing more comfortable and stylish than a trendy kaftan. What can give you a better Indo-western look than an elegant Kaftan with stylish patches and tassels all around? It appears trendy as well as elegant while going perfectly with the brightness of the rich festival of ‘nine’ days. 

Whether you prefer your kaftan in vibrant or nude shades, printed, or heavily embroidered, you can adorn this ultimate slayer by pairing with classic pants. The silhouette will be a die-hard combination of the rich look of an ethnic kaftan and the simplicity of complementary pants. You can shop for pants and kaftan Navratri outfits online to enhance your festive fashion. 

 #A Colorful Kutch or Denim Jacket  

Bring on ultimate sass with a denim jacket paired with your favorite Navratri outfit. Whether you choose a standard, plain denim jacket or a colorful one, the modern essence of the attire will level up your fashion game effortlessly.  

Due to its immense versatility, you can put on a voguish denim jacket over a colored tee and a midi-skirt to complete the festive look. A denim jacket can also be paired with a crop top and designer dhoti pants for a trendy Navratri look that everyone aspires.  


 #Comfortable Jeans and Ethnic Basics  

Here is the secret you were looking for to upgrade your Navratri couture this year. You can create a spicy and trendy Navratri look by pairing your favorite kurta or choli with skinny jeans. Once you put up your favorite jeans, no other apparel will appear as appealing and comfortable -especially when there is so much activity going on around. 

Rock your contemporary denim looks this Navratri by choosing bright, rich colors and patterns for your upper fashion. You can also enhance the ensemble by blending attractive accessories and a pair of classic Punjabi juttis or kolhapuri chappals. 


We bet you might be considering doing away with those traditional chanya-cholis and unadventurous ethnic wear this time of the season. However, you can craze it up by experimenting with cultural and customary Navratri looks with contemporary pieces to unleash your inner diva. 


  1. What do you wear to a navratri garba?  

To celebrate the festive notion of Navratri, people love wearing colorful and traditional attire. In addition to the customary garba outfits, you can also try on new looks by infusing the essence of Indo-western outfits this Navratri. 


  1. How should I dress for a garba party?  

Most women would prefer dressing up appropriately according to the Navratri or Garba theme of the year. Still, you have ample scope to experiment with new looks –blending ethnic with contemporary outfits to enhance your style. 


  1. What do girls wear for garba?   

Girls and women typically wear a chanya-choli. The primary concept of a garba dress is to put on something vibrant, colorful, and flowing with lots of mirror work. As ladies, you can accentuate your garba outfit by combining it with something fashionable and trendy like an Indo-western outfit.  




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