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Cardigan Styling Tips Inspired by Celebrity Looks

After several decades of serving as the favorite winter staple, cardigans have effectively graduated from the snuggly reputation. Designers have now imparted this cozy winter sweater an all-rounder update -right from aesthetic button-ups to the classic ‘90s-style cropped sweaters. As the winter season has begun, it is time you level up your winter fashion. Take out the essential winter knitwear -fashionable cardigans for women, beautiful coats, sweatshirts, etc., and add them to your wardrobe. Still, getting an understanding of how to style ladies' cardigans is essential to master this modern-day wear.

As you take a glance at the city sidewalk or any runway, you will find that your favorite fashionistas are offering interesting outfit inspiration by flaunting stylish long cardigans for women. Wondering how to style oversized cardigans this winter? We bring innovative ideas for adorning stylish cardigans for women during the winter season.

H2: Choosing the Oversized Cardigan Length

Are you thinking of buying an oversized cardigan for your winter fashion? That would be great, but before proceeding, understand the importance of determining length of the cardigan. Determining the right length of long cardigan sweaters is one of the most difficult aspects to be content -especially if you are petite. Usually, oversized cardigans are known to hit just below the hip. They can be as long as the mid-calf. In case you have a shorter frame, it is recommended to maintain the length of the long cardigans for women to be around the knees or above. For taller women, you can style those up to the calves.

The length of women’s cardigans that you choose should also be determined by what you are wearing with the knitwear. For instance, with pants, any length of the cardigan will suffice. On the other hand, if you don skirts, you can keep the length slightly below or above the hem to bring about a natural style. As dresses are a one piece style(in opposition to a skirt or a blouse), it is best to choose a cardigan that falls just a few inches above the hem or mid-calf -particularly if you are wearing boots.



H2: Choosing the Oversized Cardigan Size

The term ‘oversized’ might imply different things to different people. As far as cardigans are concerned, it does not imply buying a size one or two larger than your overall figure is. On the other hand, you are expected to shop for the right size by ensuring that the shape of the cardigan does not entirely swallow you up.

As per the right size recommendation, it is advised that the sleeves should hit right at the wrist or only cover the arms. Avoid wearing cardigans that deliver the role of mittens as well. As you go big with your knitwear, it implies that you should pair the same with a stylish form-fitting outfit. This implies that you can complete the look with a skirt, leggings, narrow or skinny pants, or even a dress featuring a belt or tapered waist.

It is important to pay special attention to the size and pairing if you are choosing a batwing or cocoon-styled cardigan. It is because these help in visually adding volume around your mid figure and therefore, require more fitted outfits.


H2: Choose the Right Oversized Cardigan Fabric

An oversized cardigan does not imply that it should be made out of a bulky material. Whether you are plus-sized or petite, it is recommended to choose ladies cardigans that are designed out of some thinner material. The overall length, mid-frame, and the drop shoulders of cardigans in lighter fabrics will not overwhelm a shorter frame or even bulk a plus-size one.

Thinner long cardigans are also recommended for your workplace wear as they appear highly polished than the bulkier counterparts. You can take your winter style quotient a step further by adding a skinny belt to close the knitwear while keeping the chill of the season out.

This does not typically indicate that everyone should get rid of heavier sweaters or cable knits altogether. They are great options for your winter casual outfits. As a matter of fact, choosing a bulky oversized sweater and pairing the same with skinny jeans and a fitted shirt can be super fashionable. Dress your entire ensemble with flats for your weekend look or dress the same up with heels, boots, or booties for your Sunday brunch or perfect date night.

Cotton blends, pure cotton, wool blends, and cashmere are all great choices for the fabric of a knitwear. These fabrics will breathe the freshness while keeping you warmer throughout the chill of the season.

H2: Choosing the Right Cardigan Style to Ace Your Winter Fashion

While a majority of oversized cardigans are available in a variety of knit, you can also come across various other options like ombre, striped, argyle, fair isle, and other interesting prints that can be fun additions to your winter closet. These patterns are best adorned with solid skirts, pants, dresses, and tops.



Some of the classic styles you can put up to flaunt your voguish cardigans for women are:

H3: #Classic Stripes with the Cardigan

Pair your favorite denim with a classic long-sleeved striped tee while topping it all off with a stylish knee-length sweater or long cardigan. The look is perfect for a fall day as you pair the look with wedged black boots, a striped tee, and black denim. Complete the look with a gray-toned front-open long cardigan. Allow your closet and imagination dictate the true colors of the winter season.

H3: #Boyfriend Tee with an Oversized Cardigan

You can adorn the same classic grey or dark-toned cardigan while pairing the same with your favorite denim, a V-neck or short-sleeved boyfriend tee, and stylish booties. You can also ace the look by putting on knee-length boots and an embellished or colored tee. Think of adding a classic scarf to include some visual warmth and ample interest.

H3: #Plaid with Long Cardigans

Gray and blue can be paired stylishly in the cardigan outfit style. You can pick a blue denim while pairing the same with a gray cardigan and a blue plaid shirt. Pair the look with interesting leopard print flats or heels for achieving a highly casual look. You can also sport a pair of classic white tennis shoes.

H3: #Denim and Long Cardigans

For bringing about an intensely casual look for your winter fashion, you can slip on a pair of leopard print heels or ballet flats, a boyfriend tee, and blue denim jeans. Eventually, you can top the entire look with an oversized gray cardigan. Animal print footwear help in adding visual interest to the entire outfit.

H2: Conclusion

It is high time you get yourself a stylish oversized cardigan. Go through the trendy collection of the best cardigans for women and choose your perfect winter outfits.


  1. H3: How do you style a cardigan casually?

You can sport a cardigan with a casual tee, sneakers, and jeans or trousers. This serves as the perfect casual look for your weekend fun.


  1. H3: How to wear cardigans with jeans?

Whether you put on a boyfriend tee or a casual tee, a plaid shirt, or even a short crop top, a cardigan and your favorite denim can bring about the best winter fashion.


  1. H3: What is the benefits of a cardigan?

Cardigans are highly versatile winter clothing outfits that elevate your winter fashion while providing the much-needed warmth for the season.


  1. H3: Can you wear a cardigan without anything underneath?

There is no rulebook to follow while styling a cardigan. It depends on your personal choice to wear something underneath a cardigan.




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