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5 Ways to Style a Blazer for Women

 The evolution of what we tend to wear to work significantly reflects global trends. During the early 2000s, the concept of Casual Fridays was followed wherein a formal dress code was advised for the first 4 days of the week and allowed dressing according to you’re a different style only on Fridays. It took several years to break this trend and revolutionize office fashion. Even until now, some standard industries have not embraced the complete dress-down culture. This is where the role of trendy blazers for women comes in.  

Getting Ready in Elevated Casuals with a Blazer 

It is believed that in the present era, office dressing has emerged as an all-new category while giving rise to stylish ladies' blazers and other such components. Not to get confused with standard casuals, the elevated office casuals will be the new business attire for the upcoming years. 

Featuring oversized blazers or a classic leather blazer jacket will serve as the evolved version of conventional dress code for offices. It will depict a highly casual, yet semi-formal dressing style. You can think of structured clothing and monochromatic dresses paired with chic basics. Blazers for women will be modified and fashion-forward with fabrics embracing the overall comfort needed to move throughout the day. 

Blazers To Wear to Office? 

Blazers for women are available in a myriad of cuts, prints, fabrics, and colours. Your options with the best women’s blazer jackets are endless. Whatever design you select, it is important to understand the basic styles and how to don the same stylishly. Some of the common types of blazers for women you can think of wearing in & out of office are: 

#Buttoned or Single-Breasted Blazers 

A single-breasted or buttoned blazer essentially features a single button. The given style suits all body types as well as occasions. Choose styles and fabrics that might be slightly informal for casual days to your office. This style has been in fashion for several years now. 

#Double-breasted Blazers 

Blazers featuring two buttons are highly formal -perfect for your day-to-day office look. These are more popular than the standard single-button or regular blazers. Fashionistas nowadays prefer wearing double-breasted formal blazers as the trend has changed over time.  

#Peplum Blazers 

This blazer style is increasingly fancy. Peplum blazers are indicative of the classic peplum cut. There is something unique about this cut that will make your overall look captivating. You can look both formal as well as vibrant in this attire. Peplum blazers appear exceptionally impressive with pencil pants and formal skirts. 

#Waterfall Blazers 

In terms of office wear, the blazer style has indeed caught wildfire. Work look, power dressing, or office look - all of these can be modified with the help of waterfall blazers to create a highly refined look.  

Styling Your Blazer for Office Wear 

Blazers have now become a staple layering piece that can be worn to so many occasions -more than just a board meeting. Let us help you understand which blazer styles are on the trend right now and ways in which you can don them for optimum chicness.  

When you shop blazers online, here are some creative ways to style your blazer - both in & out of office: 

#Pair a Blazer with Joggers or Sweats 

Combining comfortable pants with a stylish structured blazer is a must-have 2022 aesthetic. However, this does not imply that just any traditional combo will work. Go with pants that cinch at your ankle rather than flaring at the bottom. Aim at leaving oversized silhouettes to lounge in the comfort of your home. 

For your blazer look, it is about coming across the perfect look. Finish with a bodysuit or a fitted tee and some comfortable footwear like sneakers, slides, or loafers. 

#Put on Runway-ready Cropped Cuts 

This unexpected fashion trend for office wear has been doing rounds across the runways of the globe. However, during the mid-pandemic, only a few people were reaching out to structured styles. Now, as the post-pandemic era has arrived, the trend of runway-ready cropped cuts has been hitting the concept of office wear fashion. 

You can think of pairing your stylish cropped blazer with a straight-legged, high-waisted, or boyfriend jeans. To maximize office vogue, complement your overall look with stilettos or pumps.  

#Layer Over Wide-leg Pants 

It is the most common instance of a classic blazer for your in and out office wear. You can create a monochromatic look by combining the essence of a wool-cotton blazer with silk pants or jeans in the same hue to work perfectly.  

The wide-legged silhouettes will help in keeping your overall look more boho casual and less like the conventional office attire. To enhance your day-to-day office fashion, you can pair a blazer with trousers and other low-key pieces - like simple accessories, a casual t-shirt, and a clutch to complete the look. 

#Go for a Leather Option 

Leather - especially faux leather is having a major moment for the fall or winter office fashion 2022 with skirts, dresses, and pants. As such, leather blazers are in great demand. Oversized silhouettes or looser cuts make your go-to fashion statement when you wish to rock a leather blazer. However, do not feel limited to only neutral hues. 

It is the easiest option to wear a classic black leather jacket to your workplace. However, other hues like plain lilac will be a great chic choice. While multiple leather pieces are currently in fashion, it is recommended to stick to only a single layer at a time rather than piling all your fits at once. 

#Wear as a Jacket 

Swap your moto or go-to jacket for an impressive longer-cut blazer as a stylish alternative to offer your entire ensemble a highly polished vibe. This office look works the best with formal dresses or a midi skirt, or even plain jeans. However, you can play around and observe what works the best for your office vogue.  

You can also consider layering your blazer under or over another jacket for added warmth as temperatures start dropping rapidly. 


You can shop for stylish blazers for women online available in different fits, designs, fabrics, and colours. Wear the right blazer to showcase your office fashion sense.  



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