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12 Types of Summer Tops for Girls to Wear with Jeans

12 Types of Summer Tops for Girls to Wear with Jeans

As trends change, the base of clothing remains the same. We always require a top to match with our bottoms, whatever the type. But then, without alternatives, clothing can’t be fun, right? That's why fashion designers worldwide present something innovative season after season or retrieve something old by putting a new light on it!

Increase your style quotient by finding out the different types of tops for girls hitting the fashion world this summer. It is high time to select your favourite and buy the same. Update your wardrobe and style up with the most trending types of girls’ tops to understand what matches you the best, and do not overlook testing with rich colours apart from all kinds of colours – that is the hidden truth of fashion.

Regardless of the various trends, numerous new types of tops are carved into our cultures and closets. Let us take a look at one of the most crucial and fundamental elements – tops! Yes, there are many varieties of tops out there and adding them all to our collection might not be as easy as it sounds. But, here we have discussed a few that you must have!

Twelve Different Types of Tops for Girls

Mainly, there are various types of tops to wear with jeans that grasp people's attention, and the finest part is you can adorn the same within a moment.

A Fascinating Crop Top

 You must be lying if you stated that you did not run to purchase one for yourself when crop tops were brought into the fashion scene. These types of tops are just placed above your waist, so styling them might look tough, but it is not. If you are not sure, let your favored Instagram-style experts influence you.

A Contemporary Tube Top

Tube tops were highly in fashion during the 70s. They were indeed fashion icons then, especially among Bohemian subcultures. Then in the 90s, they came back to fashion. Now, as most stylists and designers take a trip down, tube tops are in style again! These tops are a wardrobe essential, but only if you are all set to come out of your comfort area.

A Steadfast Tank Top

 Tank tops are one of the different types of tops for girls with a racerback, and stop slipping them from your shoulders, making them a perfect option for active days. But this workout cloth can be worn in various ways! Tank tops might look basic, but not when appropriately styled. A truly significant part of the athleisure category, tank tops are ideal for airport peeks, routine chores, and even dressier occasions.

An Engrossing Cami Top

 Who doesn't like cami tops? From pajamas to jeans for girls, they make everything trendy. They became famous as a common clothing piece to wear outdoors when the innerwear-as-outerwear concept was brought onto the runways. As all the cool girls are wearing it, so should you.

An Awesome Maxi Top

 Setting an excellent middle ground between tops and maxi dresses, these cuties are the complete package. You must have noticed your favourite celebrities modeling the long-line top too, and you cannot show you were not fascinated. Maxi tops do not have any particular season and can be worn equally easily in the summer and winter.

The Off Shoulder Top

 Revealing some skin looks enticing. The off-shoulder tops have fast become a significant part of every fashionista's closet. You are also qualified to flaunt your style with these new types of tops repeatedly.

The Fun-loving Peplum Top

Peplum tops have taken the front position on the fashion charts. Very soon, they were seen everywhere. From new-season fashion magazines to staying on top among the bestsellers on each website, peplum tops have undergone many versions since their beginning, remade by design enthusiasts again and again.

A Shapely Tunic Top

Simply ravishing – that is how we would like to relate the modest yet head-turning tunic top. It is perfect without being dazzling. The fit is exceptionally comfortable and highlights all the proper places without a narrowing movement. You should have already recognized why tunic tops are trendy among women. Tunic tops are adaptable and can be worn in several ways on several occasions.

The Asymmetric Top

Are you in the mood to try something latest? Asymmetric tops bring a resurgence of the early 2000s style, and we are not groaning. Asymmetric tops are at their best when you understand how and what to match them with. They are non-conforming, amorphous, and amazing all year round.

An Elegant Ruffle Top

Upgrade your wardrobe with a ruffle top and get a mind-blowing look. These tops do not generally come in plain designs – you will be surprised to see the range. You will come to know enormous designs with ruffle sleeves or off-shoulder ruffled tops, ruffle on the back or front, and more. Try different colours for a fantastic summer look.

A Stylish Mesh Top

 Elegant mesh tops are essentially a party choice for most of us. The two most working trends are the plain simple, no impression or pattern mesh tops, and the other one with floral work. So, get one for yourself and be a trendsetter on any upcoming occasion.

A Trending Crochet Top                  

 If you like to wear an old-school look just like in the 90s, it is best even for beachwear, and it is the go-to top. Match them with your preferred pair of jeans or skirt for a completely classic look. And, don’t underrate the style and fashion of the old era as it is all related to how relaxing and confident one can be while adorning it.

Final Words

Well, there are different types of tops for girls available online as well as offline. We hope you like the above-discussed trendy styles of women’s fashion wear. If you are looking for the same, Glamly is the ultimate fashion place where you will find a wide range and options for all occasions. Thus, try out the different tops for girls here and be the way you like to be without much confusion. 


What's in style for women’s tops?

Here are types of tops for women in style for 2022:

  • Young girls and women almost consistently wear cropped Mini Tops
  • Lace Tops
  • Curvy Jeans Tops
  • Loose Tops
  • Back Pattern Tops with exclusive designs
  • Baggy or Loose Straight Tops
  • Peplum Tops
  • Simple Poncho Tops

Which tops are trending?

A puff sleeve trend and trending names for tops will sustain through year-end, from billowing or oversize shirting to enlarged silhouettes. However, the latter will spruce up all the basic bottoms you might be wearing.

What clothes keep us cool in summer?

There is nothing like a comfortable cotton T-shirt, a cotton skirt, or light chambray denim to keep you cool and fresh. It is breathable and straightforward to clean. Also, different tops with brand names are available that will keep you cool and breezy in the summer

What colour clothes are best to wear in hot weather?

Tops or different types of shirts for girls that come in silver, white, and other light colours are best to wear in the hot season. These will reflect about 60% of sunlight, but there are dark colours that may also keep you cool than conventional dark colours.







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